VOCAL Membership

Individual Membership

If you are a low-income individual affected by one of the issues we work on, please contact us12647067_1210287845666172_3637580061601441014_n to find out more becoming a member, or attend one of our weekly meetings, currently held every Friday at 2:00 p.m. at 810 3rd Ave, suite 705 (between Columbia and Marion). VOCAL members participate in membership meetings and campaign decisions, engage in direct actions, speak to policy makers and elected officials about issues that directly affect their lives, and develop advocacy and leadership skills.

Organizational Membership

If you are a housing or social service provider who would like to become an institutional member of VOCAL, please contact us.

Ally Membership

If you are not a low-income person directly affected by our issues but would like to become involved in our work, please contact us to find out more about becoming an Ally Member.

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